MoneyPrinter().go() => Brrr

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As you may or may not have realized by now, I am an avid memer.

Recently one of my favourites is the Money Printer Go Brrr meme that’s so well-fitting given the current state of affairs. I also came across a modification that I’ve enjoyed even more:

There are two people in this image, a Zoomer Wojak (with the Java logo) and a Boomer Wojak (with the Python logo). The Zoomer Wojak says, ’noooo!!! you have to write your own code! you cannot just use a library that does everything for you!!’ and the Boomer Wojak replies with ‘haha from python.goes import brrr’

Thus, the moneyprintergobrr pip package was born.


pip install moneyprintergobrr


from moneyprinter.moneyprinter import MoneyPrinter

MoneyPrinter().go() ## prints out 'brrr'

Actual usage:

Use it instead of printing out whatever you usually use for debugging.


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