telegren, a simple Telegram bot / joke fuel

If you use Telegram and have any kind of a running joke / gag with your friends, chances are at some point you’ve come up with the idea of writing your own Telegram bot to push it even further (not that there aren’t any other valid uses for them…but I’m just in for the lolz). I actually decided to implement the thing and here I am after two nice evenings working with python-telegram-bot which is a really nice wrapper around the Telegram Bot API.

The version 0.1 of telegren is available on GitHub — all you need to do is to create your own bot by talking to the BotFather to get your own Bot Token, then run the setup script and finally the telegren script wherever you want to host the bot. It’s moderately stable now but if you come across any issues or want to add something extra just hit the Github issues for the project.

Don’t ask me to explain the name, though. It’s an inside joke.

Published 3 May 2019

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