Tiny CTF, Beginner's Web edition

I’ve been participating in the CTF contests for the past few months. They have their pros and cons, but there’s definitely a lot to be learnt from almost every contest, so I wanted to introduce my colleagues to the concept and wrote a simple page with a few flags. I’m happy to say at least some of them seemed to enjoy solving problems as much as I enjoyed bashing the site together ;)

All tasks are intro-level CTF-wise, but require basic knowledge of API use, session management, HTTP communication and modern Web development in general. The fastest solve by my CTF team colleague was 5m 36s, but I’d expect it to take anywhere between half an hour and a good afternoon to someone with the grasp of the listed concepts but not much practice in CTFs or penetration tests.

Have fun and hack responsibly!


Published 18 Sep 2020

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